I love this Afro mohawk but…

…does it only look good from the side?

[Image Source: Vex in the City]

-Don’t make me get Caesar on your bum! I love the Roman centurion look crossed with Afro curls. That is really hot.
-This hairstyle would suit going out to the club or even an adventurous date, depending on what the man is like himself.
-This hairstyle would suit someone in a creative industry like fashion, music or art.

-This hairstyle would probably not sit well in the corporate world due to its originality.
-How on earth would you wrap your hair at night?
-You need to be wearing makeup and earrings every day, Charcoal babies!
-What if people are looking at you from the front, won’t you look like a bit of a knob?

I think this hairstyle is gorgeous, but I do think it is really high maintenance. Might be good for a night out, but not for the everyday or am I being too harsh?


3 thoughts on “I love this Afro mohawk but…

  1. I think you’re right that a fro hawk would be highly situational. As long as it does not interfere or knock someone over, it may be fine to wear even in a corporate profession. Hopefully who ever you are working for is open to this style. It looks no different than all her hair pulled into a banana clip up the middle. Her makeup looks flawless. I think it is a great style for anywhere. She has lots of hair sure to have lots of ideas to experiment. I attempted the fro hawk the last time I was wearing my curls. I think it’s sassy and punk IMO. The corporate world expects a certain look most times the straight hair look. Unless you again are working with a company who is accepting and open to diversity including with hair. Not saying like pink purple yellow colors in your hair but a nice edgy style. Certainly in an artsy world this look falls naturally.

    • I think you are right, that it is perfect for a creative situation. I can’t see a fro hawk in the City at a big investment bank to be honest.

      The model is a cutie pie and with lots of hair too. I still think it looks better from the side though!

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