Hot Oil Treatments

Before I became natural I would give myself at least a monthly oil treatment for my permed hair. Since then which has been 4 years I havent even thought about giving myself an oil treatment. I rarely put oil in my hair and if I do its coconut oil. My hair has been suffering from dryness and moisture so I’m trying to get back to that. I will be trying a Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment for $1.99 the next time I wash my hair. I’m hoping that starting these monthly oil treatments again will help not only moisture my hair but help with growth.

Do you get hot oil treatments? and if so what oil do you use?


4 thoughts on “Hot Oil Treatments

  1. I’ve never given myself a hot oil treatment, but they say it is good to stimulate your scalp and hair. Maybe I should try it at least once to see if I like or dislike. Jojoba is really good oil. I use coconut oil as well, unrefined version. No preserves or additives. I think as long as you use products that supports and encourages moisture for the hair. I think we are good to go. As they say coarse, curly hair can be easily damaged and fragile, it suggested to use moisturizing hair care. I don’t like hair oils or “grease” as we say in the states. I feel it makes my scalp more itchy and never wants to wash out easily especially thick brands of hair grease.

    • I agree with life journey, I don’t like grease or oil that much, but I do feel that hot oil treatments stimulate the scalp. I will report back I’m giving myself a oil treatment this week.

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