Hair & Weight Monkey Business!

Hair & Weight

Get this, my weight has pretty much gone down drastically since the times you may remember, when I was complaining about my weight.

From 75 kilos+ in 2008 to 59 kilos this week, I am really proud to be under 60 kilos. However, it seems that my hair is not as pleasing as this weight loss, because it is just not doing what the EFF I need it to do, you feel me.

Why Hair & Weight are connected

I know this is going to sound crazy, and I am so sorry if this offends anyone, but I have always believed that hair and weight should be in tandem. When your weight is wicked and you are happy with it, your hair should match or correlate to a degree. It just looks *right* to me.

I also think natural hair, in particular Afros and twists, look really great on women who are slender/curvy/have shape, and I do think how your figure is impacts on the power of your hair.

I know this is controversial, so I am sorry if this offends anyone but just how I think. I really want my hair to look as good as my slimmed down look is now.

I am so happy to be 59 kilos and I do want to lose a little more weight, but why can’t the crown get in line too? Bollocks!


4 thoughts on “Hair & Weight Monkey Business!

  1. If you are eating less then you may be missing some valuable nutrients vital for hair growth/texture/health – some additional vitamins n minerals might help šŸ™‚

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