Charcoal Ink Favourite: The pictures of Mario Epanya

I emailed Mario Epanya, the Cameroonian photographer who boldly decided to try and get an African licence for VOGUE magazine. Conde Nast said no, but I could not stop thinking about the swagger, guts and initiative that this took, so I wanted to congratulate him.

Memphiz showcased one of the covers, and in my email I congratulated Mario on his drive to do the campaign for VOGUE Africa.

Mario said thank you and he kindly agreed to allow me to reproduce a few pictures that he has taken from his portfolio. I chose these ones due to the statestuesque black hair in them.

[All photos courtesy of marioepanyaphotography]

Please support Mario and his work, so check out his website here.

I love the slick, Grace Jones-esque look of the hair in all of these looks — amazing, brilliant, fire, you get the drill!!


8 thoughts on “Charcoal Ink Favourite: The pictures of Mario Epanya

  1. Epanya is clearly talented. Although Conde Naste said no there is still a way to get out a brillian fashion mag from Africa showcasing such beautiful spreads. You just may not need conde naste. the support is out there

    • Epanya is definitely talented. I think the issue is more about whether black people (yes us) would pay for it. Most people regardless of ethnicity want things for free. When I found out that more than 50% of the paying consumers of hip hop were non-black, it showed me that we don’t support art that we create.

      Would we pay for a VOGUE Africa, that’s the question? I would but I’m not a good example as I have been a magazine junkie for as long as I can remember.

  2. Aulelia I’m so happy you emailed him, his work is incredible and he deserves recognition. It’s sad they wont have an Africa Vogue.

    • I think what it also shows is more about business structures looking at what is profitable and what they think isn’t. I think it could be profitable but perhaps Mario can just start his own magazine?

      Mario is so humble. Love him.

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