Scalp Woes

What the f### is going on with my scalp? It is as dry as the Sahara, seriously! And this is a problem I have had for such a long time. First I thought I had dandruff, and I think I do to a certain extent, but it is just so dry.

This is disgusting but I want to share with you Charcoals the extent to which it is bothering me. If I put my nails in my hair, I come away with so much dead dryness, it even looks like sand.

I am seriously considering going to a trichologist if I should be so lucky to go back to London next year.

Does anyone have any suggestions for dry scalp/dandruff/whatever the EFF it is? I really need help. I have tried sulfur 8, Neutrogena, everything and nothing is working.


5 thoughts on “Scalp Woes

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  2. It sounds like the trichologist is your best bet. What helped me was a product called “Top Brass” by Revlon. It is a cream that you apply to your scalp. The active ingredient is pyrithione zinc, so you can look for products containing that. Do you use anything to moisturize your scalp?

    • Thank you so much for mentioning this; I will search it up after this.

      I am definitely going to go that trichologist in London so see what the F is going on.

      I moisturise my scalp with oils like coconut oil. I have tried everything but even putting oil/product on it is not working because it builds up more. When I wash my hair, it is not working. I feel like it is messing up my growth flow too so I need to stay laser-focused on changing it.

      Have you been to trichologist before and if so, do you know what I can expect?

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