Straightening 4a-4b hair

When it comes to straightening my hair I straighten it at least once a year to see the progress of my length, although this year I ‘ve straighten it twice so I wouldn’t have to twist it.  My hair is extremely hard to straighten, for one I have really thick hair and my hair type is a mix between 4a – 4b which doesn’t help. I also have to revert back to old school style and use a stove hot comb because a flat-iron does nothing. Now the last time I straighten it I end up damaging my hair which caused it to break off *sigh*. My concern is that next year I’ll be in my friend’s wedding in which I’ll be the only black woman and I think she might ask me to straighten my hair.

Does anybody have any tips for straightening 4a-4b type hair?


5 thoughts on “Straightening 4a-4b hair

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  2. I have to agree with Lita, why would she ask you to straighten your hair, and why are you considering it and thinking that she will before she even asks. Straightening hair causes damage, point blank no getting away from it, there are ways to minimize damage from heat but you will still get some. If its a matter of being uniform with the other bridesmaids then why not braid or twist your hair small so that it can be styled?

  3. nothing to add, but just wondering why would she ask you to straighten your hair? (sorry, just always wondered about those situations!) If your hair breaks, don’t straighten it- its not worth it. i doubt anyone would ask anyone to wear jewellery that they were allergic to, or do something to their skin that made it burn for the sake of a party, so why ask you to straighten your hair if it makes it break?

    • I have no idea rather she will ask me or not you just never know. I do agree that straightening your hair does cause damage but I do also like to wear it straight sometimes that’s why I only straighten it once a year. Bianca I think that’s a good idea to twist my hair small and style it thanks. I’ll know for sure what she wants to do about hair next month but I’m sure she’ll be fine with my hair twisted if I ask so.

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