Beyoncé’s Biggest Afro *Ever*

You know I find real gems for my Charcoal set on the interwebs. And today is no exception.

Here is a vintage interview of Beyoncé on YouTube with an Irish journalist from back in 2002 of the DC3 era. Here are some screen caps and the video will be at the bottom of the post.

Damn this woman is a beauty! It is no secret that I am a colossal fan of hers, and yes I will find reasons to post about her, but come on Charcoals, you have to admit that her afro in this picture is absolutely epic.

I think the front is her her real hair, dyed and then the back has lots of extension pieces. What do you think?

You can watch the full video of her mane in glory below:


3 thoughts on “Beyoncé’s Biggest Afro *Ever*

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