The Brilliant Style of Brandon Jennings Hi-Top Fade

At Charcoal Ink, we love chronicling the style of Afro hair, and particularly for black men. In this post, you will recall me showing you all about Afro-Italian superstar Mario Balotelli’s stencilled hair.

Now look at these pictures below. Brandon Jennings is an African-American basketball player who is bringing the hi-top fade back, and it cannot be denied that it looks wicked.

#1: The sleek hi-top fade

My take: Brilliant, it’s so architectural. [Image Source]

#2: The edgy hi-top fade

My take: Is it just me or does he have the swagger game locked, sealed and posted to The Queen? He is so gorgeous, but back to the hair, love that he changed from cornrows to the fade. Brilliant! [Image Source]

What do you think? Poll it Charcoalies!

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