Top 3 Hairstyles of Solange Knowles


When: At the MTV awards in September ’09.

Why I love this: I just love how cut the hair looks. It looks like it has just been trimmed. Also, what make is that lipstick? Massive Charcoal points to anyone who knows and can relay this in the comments! [Image Source] Look at the picture below for a stunning side profile of her:


When: The Refinery 29 photo shoot this year, which Memphiz covered for Charcoal Ink at this post.

Why do I love this: What is not to like, she makes the Afro look so glossy and carefree. No one can say to me that Solange has not brought a breath of fresh air to the Afro hair game in particular. [Image Source]


When: for her album art for Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams in ’08

Why I like: I love the volume of the curls here, and I love that they look full on both sides. Gorgeous. [Image Source]

Which are your favourite styles? Let us know in the comments. For more black hair and culture goodness, don’t forget to subscribe to Charcoal Ink for free by clicking here.


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