How Far Will You Go With Color?

I’ve always liked Kelis style and thought it was very unique, she’s practically known as the chick that could rock a curly fro. In recent years Kelis has had an array of different hair styles varying from straight, to long, short and now to her natural cropped hair. Although I love her ambition when it comes to her style I’m not really impress with her color choices when it comes to the hair. The latest she’s been wearing is a fiery red color that in my opinion is not flattering, but a little harsh. I’m all for trying new things but I think she missed the mark on this one.
Do you think she’s gone to far with the color?

Do you think there’s certain colors black women should stay away from when it comes to hair?

[image source]


4 thoughts on “How Far Will You Go With Color?

  1. i don’t think its an issue that black women should stay away from colours, its knowing which colours and tones suit the individual- i’m sure there a women who would say black women should stay away from blond, but Kelis has blond hair in that first pic, which i agree, suits her better than the red.

    • Lita, I think blonde hair can be more miss than hit with black women, but I do think it can look good (Bee sometimes, Rihanna sometimes). Kelis deffo looks better with blonde than red though.

      She is so pretty in 1st picture.

  2. Love the first picture of Kelis. Wow she was such a beauty, not feeling the new red on her for some reason.

    I think for me, I love the light brown tones of brown hair colour that Kelis has in the first picture.

    Red is also pretty but it is about getting the tone right. Maybe auburn?

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