Why is black hair discussion online limited to the ”Good Hair” label?

If you put the search terms ”Good Hair” [meant to write Afro hair]in Google News search, you will find loads of links to Good Hair, whether it is the film or the old-fashioned bollocks notion.

Many, many times over, lots of places are discussing good hair, as if it is a cornerstone of the black hair debate. I am in no way saying that X should discuss Y and we have talked about it before, but I am wondering, isn’t it kind of limiting the black hair discussion in itself?

Black hair is about so much more, than ”good hair”, whatever the hell that means. Here are 2 things that I think about when I think about black hair:

1) Business: It is a business worth billions of £ each year. I think about how the business effects what consumers want and vice versa, I am fascinated by this.

2) Stories: I think the Miss Jessie’s brand epitomises this really well, it is the idea that each brand has a story to tell and again this translates into sales.

I think the future of black hair is bright that will be full of new companies, loads of brilliant YouTube tutorial videos and most of us moving away from the idea that black hair is just about good or bad. It’s black, and black is beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Why is black hair discussion online limited to the ”Good Hair” label?

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