Curlformers Review

I don’t know how many of you have heard or tried Curlformers, but I had my go at them about 3 months ago. Unfortunately I’m unable to share pictures because I end up breaking my camera *sigh* but I will give you a small review.

I first learned about Curlformers while picking up some hair products at my local hair store. I remember picking up the box and reading its directions, and thinking it was a pretty cool way to curl hair. I wasn’t so thrilled about the price which was anywhere between $50 to $70 for the whole kit which included the wand and a variety (sizes) of curlers. So before investing I decided to do a little internet research and read other reviews and see how they work. After reading multiple reviews I came to the conclusion that the Curlformers are supposed to be the new easy way of curling your hair, therefore eliminating the time and effort it takes with regular rollers.

After a lot of consideration I decided to buy Curlformers, note I was happy to know if I wasnt satisfied that I could bring the Curlformers back and get a full refund.

The product does exactly what it says, it curls your hair and it’s very easy to do. You use a wand like instrument to pull your hair through the plastic curlers and it catches the hair snapping it in place. I put the curlers on while my hair was wet  and it took me about an hour to put them throughout my hair. I wore them overnight which was a little discomforting because the plastic.

The next day I removed the plastic curlers which were very easy. I can say the product curled my hair but I didn’t like how it looked on me because my hair type.  I have a combination of 4A and 4B hair so although it curled my hair it didn’t stretch it as well because it still became coiled in some areas.

I did end up taking the product back not because it didn’t work but because my hair wouldn’t agree. I think this product would be great for other hair types.

Have you tried Curlformers?


3 thoughts on “Curlformers Review

  1. Brilliant review.

    When you put them in, did you straighten your hair first? I’d love to try these one day, when I get to the States.

    • Actually Aulelia they were developed in Europe I think England actually so you can get your hands on them. No I didn’t straighten my hair I just conditioned and put them on while my hair was wet.

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