Satin Hair Wraps

I was wondering am I the only one in love with satin hair wraps. I can say this is one hair accessory I’m not letting go of, it keeps my hair smooth and protected from my rough sleep at night. Since I mainly wear my hair in twist I like to keep them in as long as possible and still looking good. These are pretty cheap and are between $3 to $7 which isn’t bad. What do you use to protect your hair at night?


11 thoughts on “Satin Hair Wraps

  1. It’s so important to have a silk or satin hair wraps when you sleep. My hair has grown so much longer since I started using one.

  2. Btw I have the satin pillow purchased at Sally’s Beauty Store. It’s an essential accessory to have as an option if you are one who dislikes wearing satin wraps or bonnets at night. 🙂

  3. I love satin hair wraps as well. I’ve used them since I properly had a perm back in the day. I no longer have a perm for about 10 years. It helps prevent breakage, retain moisture, and give you the nice wake up in the morning hair glow. It is essential hair accessory especially for black women with easily fragile, dry, damaged hair. It protects the hair along with all the other necessary process to keep the hair growing and stylish. I’ve bought within several months a Silk Satin Bonnet, but I don’t like these as much. I read somewhere that the bonnets help for hair twists. I started to use when I was recently learning the two strand hair twists. My satin wrap is in black. Black and Beautiful!!

    Is this the first time you’ve tried Satin Wraps? For individuals who wear the wrap hairstyle, it also works amazing for wrapping your hair at night and unwrapping in the morning. It forms your hair nicely. I still wear my hair in wrap styles when I have it straight.

    • I didn’t start using until about a year ago when my mother bought me a satin cap that i love. It stays on at night and keeps my hair looking good. I also have a satin pillow I use when I’m lazy and cant find my cap.

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