Jet Black: That’s *my* Colour

When I remember the day when I coloured my hair jet black, it is etched into my memory. Opening the Dark and Lovely hair colour box, colouring my hair with such excitement. It gleamed in the sun with such a vibrant tone of black.

Hair colour can be exciting, that is for sure. I think I want to dye my hair jet black again. This may sound almost ridiculous but it made me feel like I was this powerful woman, with a crown of glossy black hair on her head.

What is your favourite hair colour, and how often do you all colour your hair?


2 thoughts on “Jet Black: That’s *my* Colour

  1. I’m with you on this!

    I LOVE having my locs the deepest glossiest jet black… I am due to dye mine again as the colour fades into dark brown. I have tried locs in many different shades of brown before, but they always look their healthiest when they glisten black. Every 6 months I die them and it always excites me all over again to see how powerful the colour is lol!

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