Attempting Twists with Extensions: Can this be done alone?

I am curious as this can be attempted successfully alone. I have done braids with extensions by myself once when I was in Martinique and it did not look as bad as I suspected it to look.

I am curious about attempting this. Has anyone every tried to do twist outs by themselves before?

Here is a picture before of twists that I did without extensions and I did this ages ago, in 2009:

Not a great attempt but I am trying nonetheless! Any advice on doing twists with extensions anyone?


4 thoughts on “Attempting Twists with Extensions: Can this be done alone?

  1. Exactly @Memphiz09!! How are you prepping them?? After I detangle with a wide tooth comb, I part into 1.5 inch sections, detangle again with a tiny tooth comb to get the frizzies out and apply Kinky Curly Curling Custard to each section or you can use any alcohol free gel. I heard aloe vera gel works well.

  2. My number one style are twist b/c there so easy to wear and you dont have to constantly do your hair. First let me ask you when you twist your own hair what do you use to prep it? or go about it?

    Secondly if you want to do twist extensions I know some people start off braiding the hair at the root and then twisting.

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