The Effects of Weaves: Naomi Campbell

If you havent already seen this picture of Naomi all over the net it’s a picture of the model’s balding hairline. I was not surprise to see this because it looks like the cause is from the model wearing weaves for many years. I see this all the time on women who have been wearing weaves for a long time. This is not only a result from wearing weaves but can be from multiple issues such as relaxers, stress, coloring and etc. I had the same problem 5 years ago I was constantly wearing braid extensions, getting perms, coloring and my hair-line began to thin. With added stress my hair began to fall out in chunks prompting me to go natural and I haven’t looked back since.

Lately it seems like many famous women (Solange, Janet) have made the decision to go natural . There is so much pressure for black famous women in general to wear their hair straight. Could you ever see Naomi going natural for the health of her hair? Or do women really pay a price to be beautiful?


6 thoughts on “The Effects of Weaves: Naomi Campbell

  1. I could see Naomi going natural if she could walk away from the expectations of wearing longer hair and dyes. And I am sure would look lovely in natural curls. I think she would look extraordinaire as the rest of us naturals. In the modeling industry, how embracing is it still for them to recognize the beauty of black women with their naturals? I was looking in one of my fashion magazines, there was an ad for Verizon with a natural beauty on it. The background was a bit dark to where it did not show it well enough. I think it is especially important to show natural hair on black women to kill this facade of straight is the only way to appear and be beautiful. It’s why I love to see fashion and people ads from United Colors of Benneton. From the bald head to the afro including dreads. I hope the modeling industry start inviting the natural look for black women or any women of other ethnicities with their natural hair. There are some other ethnicities with wild curly hair. There need to be a push movement for this especially the black models.

    Weaves start damaging your hair like this. It’s time to let it go. Women who wear weaves frequently may need to have a break from wearing it to let the hair relax and breathe underneath.

    • Another thing to add to my long response, the fashion industry should understand that this is not how our hair is naturally. There is beauty naturally found within our hair. I think that black women in particular would embrace Naomi’s transition to being a natural. She could go back and forth still if she wanted to have it straight. For now due to the damage, she needs to have a hair break. I wonder if it is more her or the fashion stylists who tell her that she needs to keep the straight weaves. Why not just wear hair clip extensions instead of sewn in or glued weave for Naomi?
      It’s just really sad to me.

  2. oh wow! she needs to go natural and quick! Who knows how long it’s been this way. It’s silly that it happened. Considering she isn’t one to wear her real hair out… she should be natural underneath!

    The modeling industry probably has her thinking she could only flourish with this one look. Because, if you think about it… Her look hasn’t really changed much in the past years.

    What a shame! I wonder if the damage is reversible.

      • Her being uptight constantly and result to being physical at times, I am sure weakening the hair. It’s stress and weave pulling on her hair underneath. Does anyone knows whether her hair is relaxed underneath the weave as well? If so that’s double the damage. I am waiting to see Tyra in a wash n go. I do not know if she has done this already or not for the public view. I cannot get enough of American Next Top Model.

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