Hot Natural Hair: Solange Knowles

As Smokey says in the classic film, Friday…DAMN!* Look at the picture below:

* – Solange’s hair is just a crown. I honestly don’t know how she could look any prettier. Love it! What do you all think?


10 thoughts on “Hot Natural Hair: Solange Knowles

  1. Lol…I love love love them both! Am I the only one Hu noticed that white lady behind there?her expression is PRICELESS-tho I kno I’m late with this

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  3. It’s uber cute, but it’s a wig. She recently did an interview for Refinery 29 and said she told her stylist that she needed an afro because she didn’t have time to maintain her short natural cut. I used to achieve this look with a sew in/weave as well. I may go back to it when it get’s cold out. I refuse to do wash n go’s in the winter.

  4. Aulelia as much as you love Beyonce I love Solange she’s my favorite and she’s beautiful!

    • Hi Aisha, she looks so pretty doesn’t she?

      I was wondering if it was all her hair too at first, but I think it is. She’s so cute and those SHOES — FIRE!

      Nice to see you Aisha! I am back more regularly. Just trying to institute a few changes for Charcoal.

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