Good Hair Oils

I’ve said it before that natural hair needs a lot of TLC and one of the things my hair likes are oils. Many of us have had trials and tribulations when it comes to finding the right oil or even the right mixture of oils to give us the results we want. After doing a bit of research I came up with four common oils that have the best reviews when it comes to hair.

1. Jojoba Oil – Is one of the most known oils used for hair.

  • Good for anyone suffering from hair loss or damaged hair.
  • Can easily be mixed with other oils such as coconut or rosemary.
  • Has great smell.
  • Good for moisturizing.

2. Sesame Oil – Very high in nourishment and also good for healing.

  • Good for scalp treatments.
  • Strengthens hair and promotes hair growth.
  • Softens and conditions hair.
  • Protects hair from UV Rays.

3. Coconut Oil – One of the best known natural oils used in a variety of hair products.

  • Provides shine.
  • Keeps scalp dandruff free if massaged regularly.
  • Great for conditioning and nourishing damaged hair.
  • Can easily be used with other oils.

4. Tea Tree Oil – Is used in many shampoos around the world.

  • Helps with itchy scalp.
  • Keeps scalp and hair moisturized.
  • Stimulates new hair growth.
  • Can be used for cradle cap.

Have you used and of these oils? and What oils do you use?


9 thoughts on “Good Hair Oils

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  2. I like tea tree oil for my scalp because it helps with flaking. I also like Jamaican Black Castor Oil, because it leaves the hair really soft. I recently bought some organic jojoba oil, but haven’t really experimented with it yet. I also like cinnamon and peppermint oils for the same reasons as tea tree.

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  6. Oils seem to make seborrheic dermatitis worse so i use them sparingly. Castor oil is my favorite, to me it encourages healthy growth and makes my hair much thicker. Organic un-processed castor oil does not smell nice to I mix in some minty essential oil and coconut and olive oil to dilute the smell.

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