Color Options

Every year I color my hair once a year around spring just before summer comes so I can have a fresh look. I have tried numerous products to dye with more or less I’ve been trying to dye my hair with no chemicals.  While searching on the net and reading many hair forums I’ve heard of Henna and Cassia Obovata.

Henna and Cassia Obovata are natural ingredients from the earth that have no chemicals in it. Technically there are different types of henna from what I’ve read called black henna (stains hair black) and red henna (stains your hair red).  Henna is also a permanent dye that after numerous applications will give you a natural rich color.

Now Cassia Obovata is not technically henna but will stain the hair a golden color and make your hair glossy, full and healthy.

About a year ago I purchased Cassia Obovato because I was not ready to try something so drastic as Henna. Actually all I really wanted was a nice glossy finish to my already chemically colored hair that was fading. If I had to rate Cassia I would give a 5 out 10. I followed directions that I found off the internet added water honey and a little of my favorite conditioner and let the  mixture sit for a day. The next day I had my sister apply the mixture, and let me tell you it was a pain. The texture of the mixture is like mud and specs of grass. As the mixture was getting applied to my hair specs of grains were falling out and we had to put newspaper down on the floor from keeping it from staining.

The Cassia also smelled of freshly cut grass. I put a plastic cap on my hair and let it sit for about 5 hrs. I could definitely tell my hair was conditioning because the plastic cap was full of moisture and I had to keep dumping out the moisture as the bag filled. After rinsing my hair I could tell my hair color had change, originally a light brown it was now a golden color.

My only complaints about Cassia is that after rinsing my hair out for the next two weeks I still had grains falling out of my hair.  Also my hair smelled as if I rolled my hair in grass all day, and it loosened my curl pattern a bit.  It’s been a year since I’ve tried it and I decided to go back to chemical hair color. I now use Clairol Texture & Tones and I color it myself and I have no problems with it.

For more information about Henna and Cassia Obovato you can visit this site.

I know there are some people who believe that you are truly not natural if you use any chemical in your hair but I beg to differ.

What do you use to color your hair?


4 thoughts on “Color Options

  1. I recently used Clairol Textures and Tones in Cocoa Brown to tone down a brassy lighter color I had in before. I really like it, and because it doesn’t contain ammonia, it’s a lot more gentle on your hair. Also, it doesn’t have the strong smell that most hair color products have.

    • Thats actually the color I just used. I havent went back to using Cassia yet. I decided to stick with Texture & Tones I havent had any problems with it.

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