Valerie June

I’ve seriously been contemplating on getting dreads, but my unwillingness to stick to one thing causes me to veer the other way. Valerie June oversized, thick dreads are so beautiful that they have me really contemplating. What I like most about her dreads are they big, curly and fit her style. Did I mention that she’s a self-taught guitarist that sings folk music. If you want to learn more about her and see her beautiful hairstyles you can visit her site here.

Are you contemplating dreads?


11 thoughts on “Valerie June

  1. I would also believe soft locs are easier to keep clean dye etc. because the shampoo/ color can actually penetrate the shaft

  2. my godmothers locs are soft and fluffy and smell of lavendar use conditioner consider soft locs a. Extra pillow to sleep on seriously it can be comfortable my godmoms locs are waistlength and every inch is so soft believe conditioner is ur friend I love soft locs I have baby locs and I also other friends of mine have very soft in fact I’ve never felt hard locs but I can see how that would be uncomfortable

  3. I hugged this wonderful singer who is so stunningly beautiful, but her dreadlocks felt like hard like cardboard. Very unpleasant.
    Dreadlocks can’t be comfortable. Plus, the thick dreadlocks nest billions of mites.
    I don’t think this is what I would ever want, although she so hot.

  4. I got my dreads because for me they were the easiest way I could maintain my hair in it’s natural state. I loved how they looked and I love their versatility and how I could just jump out of bed and put them in a ponytail and go about my business(once they lock up). They’ve been jet black, blonde and red.

    However 3 weeks ago I started un-locing them after 4 years locked. I bleached the ends to make them fiery red, and that process seriously damaged my ends to the point that they were weak and got bushy and in some locs straight and unraveled. So after 4 years I’m going back to having loose hair, but not for long with the next 6 months I will start a new set of locs but not as fat as hers.

    • I was thinking of getting them for the same reason b/c it would be easy to maintain. My only issue is the hair washing, I don’t know really how people go about washing there hair with dreads but I have to have a clean scalp that’s my only concern. But I feel like dreads can also be versatile as well.

      • They are quite easy to wash. I have seborreah and dandruff and I had no problem washing them once a week (more if I went jogging). In the beginning you’d get a lot of unraveling but once they start to lock up they are fine. Hair never locks right up to the scalp so there is always room to wash your scalp properly.

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