TLC for Your Hair

These are pictures of my hair at it’s best when it was getting 100% TLC

One of the main problems I see with caring for natural hair is that sometimes we can fall off our hair routine causing us to neglect our hair. I know personally with having a busy schedule myself that I often neglect my hair. Many people believe that natural hair is low maintenance … but we all know that’s not the case at all. Our hair needs TLC just like every thing else.

Here is a list of things I need to change …

1. No Heat! I straighten my hair once every year to see my length, the last time I did this which was about a month ago I ruined my hair. I’m still in recovery.

2. Deep Condition – With my busy schedule I don’t really have time to sit around and deep condition my hair I’m on the go all the time. So I’m making it an obligation to deep condition at least 3 times a month, that’s about how many times I re-twist my hair within a month.

3. Moisturize – It’s sad because I have a big water bottle  mixed with coconut oil that I don’t use, and by the time I take down my twist my hair is super dry.

4. Eat Healthier – I notice my hair pattern changed when I moved back to the USA and I feel that’s because I ate a lot healthier in England. Now that I’m back  to my bad habits I can tell the difference in my hair.

What TLC does your hair need?


5 thoughts on “TLC for Your Hair

    • Happy to hear this was good advice. I know you’ve been transitioning for awhile it’ll be worth it.

  1. My hair IS low maintenance, I just enjoy exploring it. To wear it in a nice neat way everyday, where it thrives, is simple for me- I know which products work (and use very few- shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and styler), and the expedient ways of doing things.

    For me, there is a difference between high maintenance hair and high maintenance style. I find that a mixture of vanity and laziness is the cause problems for me and my hair- wanting certain styles that ARE high maintenance, but not wanting to put in the work.

    • Lita, thanks for sharing your story.

      Totally agree about difference between high maintenance style and high maintenance hair. So true.

    • Lita I am totally the same way. My hectic work schedule causes me to be so lazy when it comes to my hair. That’s why i keep my hair twisted.

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