Split Ends: Any solutions for me?


They are making me very depressed right now.

Does anyone have any ideas for combatting split ends?

Very much appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Split Ends: Any solutions for me?

  1. As far as I know the only way to cure split ends is to cut them off. Leaving them will cause the hair shaft to continue splitting right up to the root and it falls off. To prevent them don’t brush wet hair, don’t use heat(curling irons, flat irons) too much, and if you do use them use a thermal protector product. Trim at least once every 3 months.Steam hair at least once a month and protect hair from too much sun.

      • use a deep cream conditioner or a hair oil and cover hair with plastic cap then sit under a bonnet hair dryer, or a bonnet steamer.

        • I will implement this and report back. Hair needs help but I think also, cos of my resubmission project, I have been so stressed so it was showing up in my hair.

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