Black Italian Footballer Mario Balotelli’s Flamboyant Stencil Hair Art

My brother recently told me about a young footballing genius called Mario Balotelli. My brother knows all things football so I know for a fact this bloke he is on about is probably in Beyonce league if my girl could play football.

Mario Barwuah Balotelli was born in Italy to Ghanaian parents, but they placed him with a foster Italian family when he was aged 3. That family adopted him, hence giving him the name Balotelli. From what I learned, he only became an Italian citizen when he was 18 due to their laws. Anyhoo, back to his hair!

Look at the video interview below, sadly it is completely in Italian with no English translation but his stencil hair art on his head is worth the look especially around 4:00. If anyone can translate what he is saying, I’d be really grateful.

And it is clear that that he is clearly easy on the eyes, though he is only 19 so I will keep my prying eyes away. I think he is well fit but the stencil hair art needs to go…what do you think? In a way it is kind of refreshing to see the stencil art on his hair because it is such a hallmark of black male diaspora ‘rite of passage’ when it comes to hair.

Can’t believe I think a 19 year old is bloody good-looking. Double standard but what can you do! Though I’d be happy to go out with a much younger guy if  he looked like him ha!


One thought on “Black Italian Footballer Mario Balotelli’s Flamboyant Stencil Hair Art

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