The Smiths

No, I’m not talking about Brad and Angelina in that movie. I’m talking about America’s other favorite couple: Will and Jada Pinkett. I’ll be perfectly honest; they annoy me a little. It’s not really for a good reason either. They just seem too perfect, don’t you think? They are both big movie stars with two adorable children and no one really dislikes them (I find their perfection annoying but I don’t dislike them. It’s very hard to dislike them). They have the prototypical nuclear family and they are living the American dream. They never show up in the gossip magazines, because they have the common sense to not get arrested for drunk driving or have affairs or wear white trash clothing around while eating Cheetos and almost dropping your one year old son. The only time they ever do show up in the gossip rags is when people want to pull up the ages old rumor that they are both gay, their marriage is a sham and that they have affairs with other people. The rumors are of course unfounded. I can’t prove that they aren’t true, but one does wonder how such a rumor gets started with absolutely zero shred of proof. They are incredibly famous people. Do you really think that if one of them had an affair, the entire world wouldn’t find out the next day? And it would be pretty far fetched for Jada to birth two children just to keep up the sham. Tabloid editors will print anything to get readers, but I think they are desperate to find absolutely anything salacious about the Smiths.

Their filmography is rather venerable. I cannot think of anyone other than Will Smith who has made a bankable career out of starring in family friendly features. If you go through his filmography, the Bad Boys movies are really the only movies on the list that I would be hesitant to let children watch. Men In Black and Independence Day are classics. The only thing I worry about is that with movies like I, Robot and I Am Legend on his resume, it seems a bit repetitive. I mean, isn’t I, Robot and I Am Legend pretty much interchangeable — one man fights to save humanity? This isn’t actually Will’s fault, though. He has tried to intermix dramas into his repertoire, but people just prefer him in the action star role.

Jada’s filmography has been more eclectic. She is also no stranger to action flicks, having been both in the Matrix trilogy and Collateral. However, she does not have the box office draw of Will. This is a double-edged sword in that she doesn’t get paid the big bucks like Will, but she does have the freedom to do more projects that she is interested in. Will has so much pressure to carry a movie that he must always fit the image of the leading man and stay constant in the formula that determines box office gross.

And finally, they are passing along the torch to their son, Jayden. He played Will’s movie son in The Pursuit of Happyness and this summer, he will star in his first movie without daddy, the remake of The Karate Kid. It does feel a little bit like the Smiths are pimping out their son, but if this is what Jayden really wants, then there is no reason for them to not exercise their right to nepotism.

So, in conclusion, the Smiths are so picture perfect that they almost seem artificial, even though I suspect that they are actually this perfect.


4 thoughts on “The Smiths

  1. I ❤ this family! We've grown so accustomed to seeing dysfunctional couples and families that this seems abnormal. I'm sure the have their issues (like every family) but I'm buying what they're selling, lol. I believe it's real!

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