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I have been doing a lot of research on entrepreneurs and people who have all started their own business by reading blackenterprise, enterpreneur magazine and growing business magazine.

A few trends have been really clear from my research:

  • most entrepreneurs do their ventures despite the risks and naysayers
  • many entrepreneurs find a partner

I think, for me, I don’t think my mum believes I will make it as an entrepreneur. I don’t think she means it harshly; I think she thinks that I have all these ideas but that they won’t come to nothing. What I have learned so far is you cannot change what people think. I was delighted to have scored the first competition for Charcoal Ink. However, people were still negative to me about it, and I could not understand why. Then, I realised that for some people, being positive towards you gets you nowhere. I am not referring to my mum, but I am more looking at the situation at hand.

If I told my mum that I wanted to do my product line, I think she would probably just frown and not believe that it could work. But I know that I just have to make it work. There seems to be a sort of Tanzanian, maybe East African mentality that if you want to start your own business, then it will automatically just fail.

That’s why I know I will not thrive here in regards to my ideas etc. However, being practical about the situation has made me realise a few things:

  • I either have to move to New York or London to sell my careers website. God willing, next year in 2011, I will have the funds and immigration permission to go to either city.
  • My initial idea is that if I can, (God-willing), sell the website, then I would like to use whatever funds I receive to put into product development for my hair product. I realise that I can only do this if I have money, which is why selling the careers website for a good price is important.

All in all, wherever I end up, I know that I must achieve my dreams and goals by following my dreams. My mum says we all can’t do what we like. That is true, but I just know that I have to try and make it work, and even if I fail, I know I would have tried.


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