Why is Johnnie Walker Black Label a SICK Name for a brand? & my fave brand names

Honestly, I think coming up with a name is no joke. It’s hard, mate!

I am furiously trying to think of one.  I love the name Johnnie Walker Black Label. It makes the drink sound luxurious and elite, yet cool at the same time. I don’t drink alcohol at all, but I can appreciate a sick brand name when I see it.

Can’t even pretend. The look and feel of the brand is 100 per cent spot on for their market. I think this is something black hair care brands do quite well, and I think high profiles examples of this include Miss Jessie’s and Carol’s Daughter.  I have never used either brands but from what they look like, they look like they fit their target market.

How important is the look and feel of a brand to you, and do you think it affects you when you are purchasing?

Black Label is such a cool name! Argh! wish I thought of it for my subscription idea for the products. ARGH.



2 thoughts on “Why is Johnnie Walker Black Label a SICK Name for a brand? & my fave brand names

  1. Branding is VERY important, and it definitely affect my purchases. If I like the packaging, I am more likely to try the product. Johnnie Walker Black Label IS a cool name!

    • I 100 per cent co-sign about branding. It’s hugely important.

      I think this is why getting the look, brand spot on is key. I was doing research on Miss Jessie’s site and the impression I got is they are a premium brand for hair (not just black women) but they have imbibed a retro grassroots look to their branding.

      Carol’s Daughter’s branding seems more sunnier, and more ‘bright and cheery’ with the use of yellows and bronze in their packaging. CD is also a premium brand.

      Kinky Curly have a fresh look and seem more spunky and youthful.

      I personally would like to do a sort premium brand but not as expensive as MJ. This is really fun research though, it must be said.

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