Why does the online world want EVERYTHING free + how this relates to Black Hair

The Times and the whole News International crew will start charging for online content in June.

I have been following this story for a really long time, and haven’t commented on it until I found this article on The Times. The Times will charge £2 a week or £1 a day. While I think the pricing is off, I do think that they are doing 100 per cent the right thing.

The internet is one of the most incredible inventions on modern times, but the lack of infrastructure to protect content in the Internet is systematically destroying journalism and media in itself.

One astute reader said:

A Wainwright wrote:
Charging for online content is the only way the media business can continue. The Times is only the first to charge for it (unless you count the BBC website which you pay for through your TV licence), all online content will soon be charged for, and why will you pay for it? For the same reason that you buy a print copy and not pick up a free paper every morning! Online advertising does not create enough revenue and any paper that thinks they will be able to stay free will soon suffer.

Co-sign. I am really shocked people think the Internet should be completely free. This is madness. I do believe in the freemium model, but let’s look at all the inventions that have graced the world: Telephone (you pay), Computer (you pay for hardware), Radio (you pay for the hardware), Television (you pay for hardware and the channels).

Someone has to construct and create these inventions, but they cannot be sustained without a paying infrastructure. This can also be related to black hair. I don’t know any black woman who would assume and expect hair products to be free. You are paying for something someone has created for you. Why should it be free? Labour is not free. If you expect to be paid for your work, you should pay for something that is a commercial enterprise.

Charcoal-Ink.com is not a commercial enterprise so I would never put a paywall so you can read my musings, but I am a journalism student and I am passionate about media, there has to be some leeway here. However, if I God-willing can create my own hair product line, I would hope people would buy the products. I surely wouldn’t be able to give them away for free.

The hair debate and the media debate are surprisingly similar. My take is most of the media companies will all have to put a paywall together, so The Times, New York Times and everyone really for it to be profitable for everyone. This is the way to go, in my eyes.

I do not think blogs can replace journalism for the simple fact, most blogs are not commercial enterprises.

In regards to if I would pay for the Times, I would pay for the Business section of The Times.

Here are other media enterprises that I would pay for if they erected an online paywall:

  • The Guardian
  • Black Enterprise
  • TechCrunch

PS – Amazed that one commenter even wrote that there had to be another business model created by execs that didn’t involve the consumer paying! Madness.


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