Interesting trend I spotted…

Have you noticed that most of the most famous black hair brands are all double-barrelled names or more?

Check it out:

  • Carol’s Daughter
  • Miss Jessie’s
  • Dark & Lovely
  • Fashion Fair
  • Black Opal

I noticed this today, when I was thinking about what name I should have for my product. Most of my previous start up ideas have always been a bit haphazard with names changing when I have just got going etc, so I really want to nail this correctly if I am going to do it.

Should I stick with Charcoal Ink for my (potential/hopeful) product line or should I create a new name? I would really like to get any feedback on what you all think.

I don’t know if I do a product that if it will even work, but I want to give it the best chance possible. I would like to stay with the name, but I am worrying that the name reminds people of barbeques, not black hair.


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