Is it ‘bad business’ to target only naturals with a hair product?

I have been doing a little research on hair products, because I am considering trying to create a Charcoal Ink product. I went on the Kinky Curly website to do a little research.

I have not tried any of Kinky Curly’s website, but I like what I see so far. As a company, they look like they are on point, even the colours on the website match their products.

I noticed on the FAQ page that Kinky Curly specifically state that they make products not just for black women but for all women of different ethnicities. I think this is interesting considering that their marketing is aimed at black women. I do think it makes good business sense for Kinky Curly to aim for all women because it seems to me, they want to be an organic hair brand, as opposed to be an organic natural hair brand. I think if I ever do get this Charcoal Ink hair product off the ground, my target market would be black women with natural hair, but I would also want black women with relaxed hair as well. This way it is a niche product in a broad market or is that too confusing? Love to get your feedback on this so please comment. I think business is always business and good business to me is creating a product that people want of course, but one that follows a vision.


6 thoughts on “Is it ‘bad business’ to target only naturals with a hair product?

  1. No, I think it is better to target a niche market. Specialization tends to be more lucrative, for example a cardiologist vs, a general doctor. It’s also much easier to brand yourself. I think the natural hair market is still wide open, and it tends to be comprised of women who are willing and able to spend a lot on their hair. I will say this, I would probably target “Afro hair” women as opposed to “Black” women, because there are other types of women with that hair texture.

    • A, you make an excellent point about saying Afro hair, instead of black hair. Very good point.

      I also think the natural hair market is wide open, but I get the impression that if you dont break the USA as a product, that you aren’t successful, because black people across the world believe in US products.

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