Dissecting Ciara’s hair in the ‘Ride’ video featuring Ludacris


Well let’s get the dancing first: No one is messing with this girl when it comes to dancing, hands down. Captivating to watch and she makes me want to stop drinking Coca-Cola and do press ups instead.

The Hair: Ciara’s wears two different weaves here, light brown one interspersed with blonde highlights and a straight back one. Again not natural, but I wanted to highlight that for Ciara, long straight her has always been her trademark though i can’t pretend, I’d love to see her switch it up and maybe do an Afro.

At any rate, the girl is beautiful and has fantastic dance skills.

{image from ultimate ciara}


8 thoughts on “Dissecting Ciara’s hair in the ‘Ride’ video featuring Ludacris

  1. I been wanting to dye my hair for awhile now and when i seen this video i realized i want that brown blonde look. What color tones are they exactly?

  2. Ciara is a brilliant dancer, but I am getting increasing fed up of she practically having sex and that is all they can do! To be honest, if you listen to the lyrics, she can have good sex and what else!

  3. Her dance routine was actually pretty good up until she pulled a “twerk team” and moved her ass cheeks. The mechanical bull was cheesy and lame. I am so tired of seeing these blatant sexual images in video. It gets old on the brain…

    Her long black wig was nice though… Not for me, but nice.

  4. She wore an Afro in the Love Sex Magic video and braided her hair into cornrows on the cover of her last album Fantasy Ride. She does change her style up actually.

    • In LSM she is wearing a wig. The afro is not her hair, thats what I mean by natural afro hair.

      No shade though, I love Ciara’s new songs.

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