Basic Instinct: The Gut Feeling on Hair Salons

As Ciara brings the heat on her viral video, her theme of going with your basic instinct is prescient for me.

It applies to how you see your hair as a natural too. Moving away from damaging your hair not only from products you don’t like, but people who talk ish and don’t have anything positive to say about it.

Case in point, I will never forget that time in my life when I went to this black hairdresser in Bristol. She was so horrible to me, that I felt so hurt.

And guess what? She went out of business when I visited Bristol recently.

My instinct is now to frequent places that either specialise in natural hair or have a large menu of natural hair styles and products. W.E.B DuBois, the legendary African-American civil rights activist, believed in the idea of a talented tenth of black people in the diaspora. This talented tenth can be found in the natural hair communities, as long as we look for them and go to them for business.

Business is the key to pushing forward natural hair. We need to follow our basic instincts and use business as a channel to grow the concept of natural hair thriving in hair salons.

I was thinking of contacting some hair salons to offer special deals to naturals who read Charcoal Ink, but then I realised that this may not work, because the majority of hair salons in the diaspora do not see naturals as clientele. Until that changes, where should my instinct lie?

Yeah oh yeah, yeah oh yeah.


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