Natural Hair & Geeky Glasses: Spectacles Pop!

{images: Prism London}

Prism London is a new spectacle brand from London. The prices are steep but look at how they make the model’s natural hair pop like Rice Krispies! I absolutely love the contrast of the white rims and the natural hair.

I think these glasses would be a good pair to wear to work with your crown of natural hair. Please answer the poll and discuss in the comments! {I’ve been wearing glasses since age 6}.


5 thoughts on “Natural Hair & Geeky Glasses: Spectacles Pop!

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  2. I love eye frames!! I wear them myself due to poor night vision. I get used to wearing them all the time because I need them in the day time vision as well. They are so so sexy. I am so addicted to the designer frames like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, RL, etc. I think the model looks superb with the white frames in comparision to the black frames. It does make her pop like Rice Crispies. hehe 😉 What kind of glasses have you been wearing there? I would love to see the frames from London. Please share more. I save every pair of frames that I purchase. My older ones I am not so sure where they are but the newer ones. I am fully aware of how I keep them. I WANT MORE!! I don’t know why anyone would want to wear contacts.

    • I like D&G frames but I prefer the retro look of the frames a little better.

      I love contacts for how easy they are but for style and health of the eyes is definitely glasses.

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