Can Erykah Badu be considered Natural?

[Note: Sincere apologies due to lack of posts. The home internet work decided to pack up for 4 days! I was ripping my hair out thinking about this poor website! Don’t be alarmed if I don’t post regularly as shoddy net connection is to blame].

This is something I have always been curious about. She is known for wearing Afro wigs a lot, so my question is, if you wear a wig, can you still be considered natural?


5 thoughts on “Can Erykah Badu be considered Natural?

  1. Hello. I have been reading your posts and have yet to post my opinions. You post some really insightful posts from fashion to natural hair. 🙂 I want to say that I feel Erykah Badu is still a natural because she really wears a low haircut to bald. I don’t think that she sports any chemicals. I do feel because she wears big afro wigs that she promotes and respects the natural beauty. Yeah rocking the bald head in my book is considered a true natural. I dig (like) Erykah Badu because she does what she feels also regarding hair. Her spirit is enlightening. I hope you get more comments for this particular post because I am curious to either how you feel about it or other commenters. 🙂 This is to if I am not mistaken she is still rocking the bald head look.
    Blessings to you.

    • Welcome to the blog, glad to have you here. I think your perspective is v interesting because it allows us also not to judge by someone else’s standards. I do consider Erykah Natural but I would like to see her to more with her own textures.

      • I certainly agree with you pertaining to her own hair texture. Then we have to also keep in mind that what we feel comfortable doing with our hair could not be for someone else. EB may enjoy wearing wigs because it’s easier and simple to handle versus her routine to care for hair. It would be good to hear her perspective on Natural Hair. I am just happy that she embraces and celebrates the pride found in Natural Hair. We shall see. I wonder if there are any articles on her speaking about Natural Hair. It is always good to see someone with their own texture to see the versatility found among Natural Hair Beauties.

        • I would like to see Erykah do more with her hair but if that’s what she wants that is fine. I also need her to stop courting controversy. It looks desperate.

          • I agree. I have not seen much with her natural look. I am not sure if her dreads were natural when she first started her singing career. It seems once you’re a natural, you tend to notice other naturals out there. Where I volunteer, I tend to see other black females wearing a natural hair look. I want to run and tap them on the shoulder to introduce myself. It is even beautiful when it is a worldwide decision.

            Yeah I think EB likes to produce controversial music as well as her being in the world. Her latest video raised some eyebrows according to the article I read. I looked at the vid that they said she got nude in the area of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. People are known to make their mark in the world by doing what they feel is in any means necessary. I think she can be quite daring. I just love her voice. I had a vid of her singing on my blog but the main site removed it. I’ve seen her in a local concert performance. She lights up incense, rocks the Ankh cross, and gets deep in her soul to let out of this beautiful music.

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