Changes at Charcoal Ink: What you need to know

I have collated the results from the survey, to which I am grateful to those who took part. The survey results and other factors have spurred me to implement some changes to Charcoal Ink. Please continue reading to know what is changing here.

Changes already made

  • New domain name: As some of you may noticed, it is now. The wordpress site (charcoalink.wordpress) still refers to the new domain so there is no need to change your bookmarks.
  • New columnist: wontstopbelievin is writing her film column on the website. I am delighted to have her cerebral insights on board.

Changes to be made

  • Survey results: 62.5% of you want to see more hair-related posts on Charcoal Ink. I will be changing the format of the website to include a lot more hair posts, in order to make it streamlined. Trademark posts such as Black women in Magazines will still be around, but the website will be focused more on hair, so I can give you what you want. There will be a significant cut-back on my work related posts as well as miscellaneous posts.
  • Newsletter: As a result of these changes, I have created a weekly newsletter about Charcoal Ink. It will feature the behind the scenes work I do on the website as an aspiring entrepreneur and my future plans for Charcoal Ink. I would love for you all to subscribe so please click here to subscribe or follow this link:

Why this is happening? It is really important to me to make Charcoal Ink a community for readers to come and congregate and discuss. In order to do this, I have to be laser-focused on giving you as my readers what you want.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment or email me at


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