Business Notes: Prince must pay promoter £2m in damages! What is wrong with Mr Nelson?

Prince Rogers Nelson, aka, Prince needs to giddy up! I love his music but I am absolutely appalled at his behaviour concerning a cancelled concert.


Prince was due to play a concert in Dublin at a 80,000+ seater concert in June 2008, then pulled out at the last reason, without citing a reason. The promoters were baffled as 55,000 tickets were already sold of the concert and they all had to be refunded. Prince was paid half of his $3m fee as well, according to many news reports.

Prince’s personality, according to promoters & agents

During last month’s court hearing, William Morris agent Marc Geiger testified that he rarely spoke to Prince directly and found him one of his toughest clients to understand or nail down.



While there are no reasons given for why he bailed at the last minute, I hesitate to feel like something was wrong with his health or personally as he seems to be in good shape so far, and there has been nothing in the news about him being unwell.

I really don’t understand the horrendous business decision made Prince made by bailing out of the concert. 55,000 tickets sold out of 80,000 is extremely impressive, especially for someone who is not young. Being paid $3m for doing something you love to thousands of adoring fans should not be hard.

Giddy up Prince, this is not just bad for black business, it is bad for business, full stop.

Sorry, I know what it feels like to be owed dosh and it is not a good feeling. I don’t understand Prince’s logic at all. He’s still a beast, but without knowing him, he does sound like a bit of a nob.


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