Why you *must* watch The Painted Veil


Love stories are not good for my timekeeping. After working on my website, I have watched many of my sister’s DVDs, in which she has. The one I watched yesterday was called The Painted Veil. It’s a based on a novel of the same named by W.Somerset Maugham. It centres around a British married couple, Walter (Edward Norton) and Kitty (Naomi Watts). They move to China in the 1920s so he can do his work there. She has a devastating affair with Charlie Townsend (Liev Schreiber, & Watts’ real-life husband) and to punish her, he takes her to this cholera-ridden area in China where people are dying horrifically.


It’s a beautiful film, I cannot stress that enough. I have not seen a film in a long time that has made me want to actually go out and write. I honestly suggest anyone to watch it, it is quite amazing. I had no idea that Edward Norton [1] was such a beast of an actor. He is absoluty incredible. At any rate, the film is really about punishment, and a husband whose pain over his wife’s adultery has made him want to consistently hurt her.

I think this theme of punishment is so raw and so real. When someone hurts you, especially if it is someone you love, would you resort to punishing them emotionally for it? It is such a literary, layered emotion – punishment, because you hope for redepemtion and love for the person who is being punished.

Do you think keeping someone in emotional jail for breaking your heart is fair, and is it just a natural reaction?

Miscellaneous notes

[1] I think Edward Norton is basically one of the only American actors who can sound 100 per cent English without even an undercurrent of his original accent. Never knew he was such a good actor. Don’t sleep on this film – it’s fire.

Part 1 of The Painted Veil (some genius uploaded it on YT!)


2 thoughts on “Why you *must* watch The Painted Veil

  1. I have heard ONLY good things about this movie. I must add this to my DVD queue (which is already SO long)

    • You won’t be disappointed, it is straight up film fire from a kiln of incredible acting. You know when you see a film and it actually inspires you? That is how I felt.

      I didn’t really know that Norton, Watts were so great together as I had only seen Watts in ’21 Grams’ and never seen Norton before.

      It’s a beautiful piece of art. It is a shame the DVD did not come with more special features (why do studios epic fail on this part??) A great film should have great special features. Most people who buy DVDs are hard core fans, not speculative cinema goers.

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