Charcoal Poll: How much do you spend on your hair monthly?

NB: I used $ in this poll because the majority of Charcoalies in my subscriber feed are from the US. I understand £ better though as a currency!

According to many reports, black women are the key spenders within black families, and especially in a consumer driven context. This means plenty of £££ for big companies, and especially in the realm of hair.

As my previous post with the Softsheen Carson shows, this is clearly all around the world.
Let’s discuss in comments afterwards please!


11 thoughts on “Charcoal Poll: How much do you spend on your hair monthly?

  1. I voted $0-$25: I can get away with not spending that much because I am frugal/do my own hair.

    My hair has been loced for 4 years. I paid to start them and have been DIYing ever since. The products I use cost about £4 and last more than a month. I’ve recently colored the ends of my hair so I have to steam once a week now so that adds about $6USD ( £4).

    Occasionally (once a year) I go to the salon for a wash, steam and style that comes to about $36USD ( £24)

    • Thanks for voting, B! Why did you decide to do locs? I’d love to know.

      If I had the quids, I would probably go the salon more. but natural hair friendly ones.

      • I’ve always loved how they looked, medium sized ones mostly. I was tired of relaxing my hair every 6 weeks, all the things I couldn’t do (well shouldn’t if i wanted hair) with relaxed hair. So one day I just cut it all off and let it grow natural, I have little skills when it comes to combing my hair and I really didn’t have the time so locs was the easiest way to stay natural for me.

        • I have little skills when it comes to combing my hair

          LOL, me too hun. Seriously deficient in that area. How often do you spend maintainig the locs?

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  3. I voted for $0-25. I do my hair myself, so that saves a lot. Although the products I buy are on the pricey side, since they tend to be natural. Even when I wore my hair braided, it was a lot of money upfront, but still less than going to the salon every 1-2 weeks.

    I know Black women are obsessed with our hair, but I didn’t realize this was true everywhere. I thought it was for those of us in Eurocentric societies, since achieving straight styles requires more time, money and product.

    • Definitely true everywhere. I think it is fair to say all African black women are pretty much clear that their hair must always be on point.

      Do you miss the idea of going to the salon? I used to have great hair experiences but I remember that horrendous time in Bristol when I went to a hair salon and it was awful. The hairdresser was so damn rude.

      • I don’t miss the salon. However, my most recent hairdresser does hair at her house, and I did enjoy that. It was small and intimate, and I would see the same people a lot. There was none of that salon gossip though. Plus, I like privacy when getting my hair done.

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