Hair Notes: Wow, just been slagged off in a hair forum for ‘bad’ cornrows!

I was checking my statistics and I was excited when I saw that there were 3 views from a thread on the Long Hair Care Forum.

You can check out the thread here.

Here is a direct quote of the exchange between the readers who touched on my bad attempt at cornrows that I did a while back.

Re: My First attemt at Crochet braids *pics*

Originally Posted by yardyspice View Post
BlkOnyx488 or anyone who knows, do you think it’s possible to do crochet braids without really knowing how to braid? As long as the parts are neat and you can sort of braid down the hair could it it work?

Here is a picture of what I mean ( I apologize to the blogger in the pictures.)

Wow thats really bad….it wouldn’t be a good foundation for crochet braids at all. Just practice braiding by watching alot of youtube vids on cornrowing and before you know it you’ll have great cornrows to do any style with

Now inherently, I don’t have an issue with the first user (because she did say ‘I apologise to the blogger in the pictures) presumably for linking to my blog without permission.

But I don’t like the idea that people can be discussing my hair attempts and calling them ‘really bad’ without me being there to defend myself. I knew it was not good, but it was my first attempt.

I just find it really off-colour especially when I am not a member of the site.

This hair thing is really getting out of hand now, when people online start fancying themselves like bonafide hair celebrities.


8 thoughts on “Hair Notes: Wow, just been slagged off in a hair forum for ‘bad’ cornrows!

  1. She apologized. And as your first attempt you acknowledged that it left much to be desired. Shake it off. It was a bad day. And a bit of an unpleasant experience to have what is not your best work put on display. But those are the hazard of the internet.

    • Relax, kurlylathy. We’ve moved on from this, it’s not that serious. But bear in mind that when I do any hair style, it is not done with the intention of making any viewers who have nothing constructive to say feel desired.

  2. Sorry that happened to you Aulelia. That’s why I’m so hesitant to put myself out there on the internet. Although I really don’t think that young lady meant any harm, she just wasn’t thinking. She does have a website though, if you want to say something to her, lol.

  3. oh love, tacky is lhcf’s middle name!

    a right cracktastic group there as a whole( & i speak from experience as a poster there.)

    yes, there are a few exceptions to the basehead rule but it’s a swamp i don’t wade through no mo’.

    youtube hair vids are so much better anyway. 😛

    • It’s just a little weird to slag off someone’s attempt to boldly like that. I would have preferred it if they had commented on my post instead.

  4. Well, yes, that’s mean of them to diss you without you being there to defend yourself. But that is the risk you take when you put yourself on the interwebs for faceless, anonymous and sometimes mannerless people to see.

    • Thanks for commenting. It is definitely a risk you put, but it just seemed a bit *tacky* to do it without letting me know. Criticism is okay but I should know I am being slagged off.

      Though I do take this to mean that Charcoal Ink is coming up in the interwebs 😉

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