Chart: SoftSheen Carson is increasing sales in Africa

{created by me/all data from L’Oreal Annual Report, 2008}

How the chart works

  • Bar 1 are figures for South Africa only. In 2008, sales for SoftSheen Carson rose by 28%+ alone in South Africa. This is staggering, considering that SC is already the market-leader in cosmetics and hair in South Africa.
  • Bar 2 shows the general sales increase for the whole of Africa for the SoftSheen Carson line, of exactly 32%.


I think these results are very interesting. Clearly, South Africa is a top choice for beauty brands to get into the African market. What do you think these figures mean? By the way, I never knew SoftSheen Carson was owned by L’Oreal. I only found that out today.

The business of black hair is clearly complex and the numbers show that it is continuing to grow.


2 thoughts on “Chart: SoftSheen Carson is increasing sales in Africa

  1. I wished Black owned companies were increasing sales in Africa. Let’s circulate some of that money among ourselves.

    • I agree — it would be lovely to have that. I never know that SSCarson was actually bought out a few years ago by L’Oreal up until recently.

      I am really interested in the business behind hair and beauty for black women. It’s turning out to be fascinating. I mean market share of South African women’s beauty spending is a LOT.

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