Why lack of following-up shows lack of focus

I have realised one of my biggest flaws is my lack of following-up. I can have an idea, such as the one I had for vp, and for example, call a PR for a story — then a few days later, completely forget that I did that and think, “Well, they won’t want to hear from me now so what is the point of following up?” I think this is a huge mistake, but it is one that I have and I need to fix, especially considering the goals I hope to achieve in my life, that I have mentioned here for example.

I think when you don’t follow up, it is essentially planting seeds but forgetting to check whether your plants have bloomed yet. I would love to hear from you about what your thoughts are, and how you overcome following up in your professional and personal life.

Below are two examples of when I followed up successfully and when I did not do it properly:

When I followed up correctly

1) Situation: I contacted a senior executive at one of the most prestigious accounting firms in the world. I was tenacious and managed to secure a short, informal chat with this generous executive

What did I gain from it?: I learned a lot about what that particular department did as well as feeling encouraged about alternate paths that my career could have, besides journalism

When I did not follow up correctly

2) Situation: For vp, I emailed a PR at a well-known UK bank hoping to secure an informational interview for my website. I kept telling myself to follow up but eventually, the idea of following-up fizzled out.

What did I gain from it?: Nothing really and in fact you could say I wasted time by writing to her in the first place, if I was not going to follow up.

I am hoping by putting my success and failure in the realm of following up to get what you want, I am hoping we can discover better methodologies to succeeding.Especially because I am now in Kenya and will be indefinitely unless I pass the resubmission, I have to be more focused if I want to go back to London.

Why am I even writing about following-up?

I have realised that quite frankly, if I am even going to achieve a fraction of my dreams and goals, I need to sharpen up my act and giddy up. By figuring out how to follow up better, I hope to have better professional relationships with people.

I’d love to hear from you all about your perspectives so please take part in the comments.

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