Go for Gold: My 4 Goals, 3 Aims and 1 Vision

My late father used to tell us to go for gold. I have been straying lately for that, after being hurt and depressed over the past few months, and even being in Kenya. No point crying over spillt milk, so I have decided to come clean to you, my Charcoalies and reveal what my goals are.

I would love to hear yours, or even just one or two so please feel free to join in the discussion. A lot of my future content on Charcoal Ink will be career-focused and feature my adventures of me trying to reach this goals.

4 Goals

1) Be financially independent by having £500,000 in savings by age 35: Currently, I have saved £10 for this goal. £2 in cash, £8 in a savings account. This means £499,990 to go!

Within this goal, I hope I can therefore have the financial means to support a child, if God wants to have one.

2) Start my company, Wilanna Media, by age 30: Wilanna Media’s key focus shall be to use media to communicate opportunities to people.

3) Pass my MA degree: My resubmission deadline is September 2010 and I shall learn if I passed in February 2011. Fingers crossed!

4) Launch African-Caribbean Development Fund: I would like to save for the fund personally, and in an incremental fashion. The fund will provide scholarship money to AC people to live out their creative and business pursuits, so that more jobs can be created.


7 Aims

1) Sort out this issue

2) Save £500 to input in my first will and testament. This figure will hopefully increase if I succeed in my first financial goal. Should anything happen to me, I hope my will could be of use to my family and close friends. I also have a small pension from Standard Life which I need to protect.

3) Learn how to drive & one day, search for this car or find this car!

My dream is the Ford Mustang, which you can see here. The price for this is in USD, at around $27K, which is £17K.


1 Vision

  • To communicate opportunities to people. As I mentioned above in my goal for starting Wilanna Media, I want to imbibe this vision in everything that I do in my work. Using information to communicate opportunities such as new jobs availables or how they can make their life better/easier will be my goal

This is not an exhaustive list, but they are the main goals I would love to achieve. What would make me delighted would be to have my mum and my family such as siblings and cousins see me fulfill the first four goals, especially the financial independence.

As usual, I’d to hear your thoughts on what your goals/aims are. I know I have a long way to go to reach 500K in personal savings, but there is always time and there is always a way.

I will get there!


2 thoughts on “Go for Gold: My 4 Goals, 3 Aims and 1 Vision

  1. You know i love this post – the subject of the dream is always the dreamer. it’s possible and i like the thinking positive and ahead of yourself.
    obviously my main ambition is to complete my PhD – its one child i have to carry to full term becoz i have invested so much energy and emotion into its growth and development. publish as many books as i can, and yes i have always wanted to be a publisher and hopefully set up shop one day and live my dream. i need money in the bank too, how much i dont know, but enough to make me comfortable and very independent!


    • @Katie, wow a PhD, that is amazing! I am sure you will get there. I can imagine that a PhD is a child in many ways, that needs to be nurtured and thought about in all times.

      It always boils down to money, which is the most annoying thing about goal setting.

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