Can a vision make money?

Do you know the largest amount of money I have ever made from Charcoal Ink?

60 quid.

This site has over had 540,000 views since January 2007 when I moved to WordPress. I am really proud of that, even though I know it is not as spectacular as some blogs. One thing I have is lots of ideas, but I am not a business head, which is what you need (I think) to turn ideas into steady streams of cash. If I was a business head, I would have charged a lot more so Charcoal could make money.

The idea of an evolved form of commenting online which I blogged about prior to this is an example of that. How would I make money from it? I think it is better to think of profits first, and then how you can make tailor your idea to suit a customer’s needs.

My vision for my life’s work is to communicate opportunities to people. I love telling people about things they could benefit from, but I don’t want to be just a charity. How does one make a vision become financially profitable? I think this starts by not living in a vacuum.

I’d love to hear from any people who dream of doing their own thing as well.


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