Poll: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel?

Ideas can be good and bad. Today one of my closest friends who I call Nickette called me all the way from London. Bless her sould. We were discussing our futures, where we want to be headed when Nickette and I began discussing the wheel.

Nickette: don’t try and reinvent the wheel

What do you all think about the concept of making ideas work but not overdoing it? When do you know if your idea is innovative or you could be walking down the wrong path?


2 thoughts on “Poll: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel?

  1. Great topic! I really think it depends on the situation. Innovation is important, but there’s something to be said for studying the hard work of others who came before you and using their experiences to your advantage.

    • I totally agree. I am obsessed with innovating but sometimes it is good to look back and realise that not everything is new and some of the most successful things have been done before.

      This is in relation to an idea for my new Masters project. I want to create a journalism tool.

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