Take it, Take it, Love me, Love me

So I am now in Nairobi. Definitely not how I hoped or planned how my life would be in 2010. I had big dreams of my life in London and now I feel like I have regressed. Don’t judge me — it is just how it is.

My options are really limited. I was given the impression by my mum that she would allow me to go back to London to do the resit, but now she has gone back on her word and I am stuck here.

I am beyond furious about this, but there is nothing I can do because I am not financially flush.

Just wish there was a way out to how I feel at the moment. I know I should regroup and try and do my project from Nairobi but what the F?? How am I supposed to do that when I have none of the tools needed to do the project? I am seriously annoyed about it, it must be said.

I just feel like I am never going to reach my dreams now. I don’t like the idea of someone else telling you what your dreams are. And now I am stuck here having to listen to that ish 24/7.


3 thoughts on “Take it, Take it, Love me, Love me

  1. Hey Aulelia. I know things aren’t that great right now, but it sounds like you really needed a break from London. Perhaps in Nairobi you will have the support of family and friends. Maybe if your mind is eased of financial worries, it will be easier to focus on your MA project.

    What are the tools you need that you don’t have there? Let us know and maybe we can brainstorm with you.

    I hope your stay in Kenya turns out well for you.

    • Thanks for the love and support, Aisha it does mean a lot. While some of my family live here, my whole life in regards to friends is in London. I don’t have any friends in Kenya or Tanzania.

      I know I have been whingeing for a long time; I just hate being here.

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