I’m Sorry

Hi everyone,

I am really tempted to close this blog down forever. I learned that I did not pass my MA project or dissertation today. This is an incredible huge blow to me and I am absolutely devastated.

I don’t know what went wrong when I worked so incredibly hard for it. I am sorry I let my family down. I am sorry I let myself get bullied when I was working on the Masters project.

I am sorry that I am not the brightest person in the world.

Most of all, I am sorry for being a huge disappointment to everyone who has invested time and love in me, including my blog readers.

I’m sorry.


16 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. In the same situation as you- its incredibly crushing, but I’ll have you in my thoughts as I struggle on through crushed pride, postponed dreams and academic hardships. You’re not alone x

  2. Do not be dismayed – I am sure you will pull through this. Do not punish yourself by closing down your blog. Take a break from it if you need to concentrate. You tried so hard so do not give up

  3. Somethings happen for a reason. its all part of your experience. it happened, embrace it and you will become a person out of it all. I know you you know you have what it takes – the drive, the ambition, the determination. Whatever you decide to do i wish you well!


  4. Hi Aulelia

    I’m so sorry. I know it must hit you hard. But here’s what. You have the chance to go at it again. I hope your mom gives you the opportunity. Sometimes, things don’t always go our way, but that doesn’t mean it was meant to be. When I did my Masters I had a friend from Ghana who went through so many tough times, had to resubmit, and all sorts of stuff, but with perseverance and self-belief, she got through it and landed firmly on her feet. You can do it too. We’re all backing you.

  5. Aulelia, I am so sorry to hear this. Please do whatever you need to in order to feel better. Forget about everyone’s expectations, you come first right now. You WILL get your MA , and go on to do even bigger things. Keep your head up.

    • @Aisha, thank you for being understanding. You have been one of the original Coalettes and I am happy to see you still commenting. I will let you guys know what happens as and when.

      God willing I will be allowed to do it as soon as possible.

  6. Girl, chin up. You’ll do it again and ace it this time. I just saw this quote of the Day on my gmail home page :

    Robert H. Schuller – “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

    You’ll get over this and grow from it.

    I flunked out of A-levels and felt like a total loser, but here I am more than 10 years later and it really doesn’t matter. I re-sat exams and I know I’m not an idiot just was not focused enough at the time. I learnt from my mistakes and the lowest grade I’ve gotten since is an A-. My lecturers always thing I’m obsessed with passing but it’s my past keeping me obsessed.

    • Bianca, that is a very good quote. Just found out today that Louis Pasteur was one of the weaker students in his undergraduate class. We all know what he ended up doing.

      I know I have to stay positive but I feel like I have let everyone down.

  7. Keep your head up. You got to dust yourself off and try again! Find out exactly what it is that you need to change, then make the changes and re-submit. I am sorry that your faculty advisor didn’t provide you enough support so that this would not occur. Obtaining degrees is a process of jumping a series of hurdles. Just find out what it is they want to see and don’t take it personally! Do not let rejection define you. You are bright, talented, and your voice is needed.

    • Thanks again for the kind words. It really did knock me straight for six. I have to speak to my family and see what they say but it is really horrid.

  8. ***HUGS****

    I know it’s probably not much help, but it really isn’t the end of the world. It sounds like you were going through a lot while you were trying to work on your MA, as well!

    Do you get a chance to resubmit, or appeal?

    • Thanks very much for your support. It just feels so crushing. I feel like I have let everyone done.

      I do have the chance to resubmit and appeal, but the former depends on whether my mum says yes.

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