Poll: Romantic Swine — What would you do…

…So he knows. It’s ambivalent and hurtful — no concrete answers available for me as to what’s what. I’m stuck in the dark as I haven’t heard. People are telling me to let it go and that he isn’t interested.

Really sad and distressed about this whole thing.

I’m worried I may be in love with him.


4 thoughts on “Poll: Romantic Swine — What would you do…

  1. Aulelia,
    I know it can be hurtful. But thats a chance we take when we let our feelings be known. We can only control our own actions and our reactions to other peoples actions. We cant control their actions.

    I would keep myself extra busy if I were you. Go out with friends, bury yourself in work, anything… remember, this too shall pass. Im sorry you have to go through it.

  2. Let it go. believe me if he was interested you would have known by now. Guys usually dont want to hurt girls’ feelings so I doubt he will ever tell you to your face he is not interested. He seems to really like this other girl so be a good friend and not confuse him some more.

    Have you considered that you might really like him now because his attention is somewhere else? Or because he seems unattainable therefore a challenge? It happens to the best of us. Think really hard why all of a sudden you think you are in love with him while you have been talking to him all this time. Forcing issues might end up breaking a good friendship. Be selfless as he was to you before. Accept the fact he likes someone else and move on.

    There are many men out there besides him and you might want to keep this friendship. I know its easier said than done but believe me, you dont want to push him away by insisting for an answer that is already obvious. Telling him was a courageous thing to do and since you have laid your cards on the table, be at peace even though the reaction is negative.

    • I know what you mean, but he has had someone before and I was not jealous. It just feels different. I heard him talk about other girls ages ago and I was fine. I just want to be with him so much.

      I’m really worried.

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