Concentrating Less…

…I get too caught up in my emotions I think, Coalettes.

It has been such an awful few months and now this romance nonsense is making me feel so distressed and wretched. I know it is a situation that is what it is, i.e., I cannot control the outcome.

So my concentration over the past few days has dipped which has me down, because I am very passionate about my website, which is naturally going to suffer unless I get a lid on my feelings, you know?

The good news is while traffic dipped today, yesterday was a great day for traffic and for the past 4 weeks, there have been weekly traffic increases of an average of 33% consecutively. So while the page views are not a lot each day, the weekly traffic is going up by a third, which is very exciting.

Maybe the mistake I made was being too forthcoming so quickly when my life is not completely sorted out. That is where I made the mistake.

Anyway, I will try and concentrate some more but my goodness, Bee was not joking in Video Phone when she sang: “boy, you breaking my focus”.


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