The Subverted Slice of Cake

Having a crush on someone is like being starved of cake. You think about how you want to lick the icing off the cake. You dream of the day when you can put a slice of chocolate gateau into your mouth and feel no guilt. But the cake is not yours for the taking.

You know when you fancy someone, you have that feeling in your tummy. You can’t stop thinking about them. I didn’t think I would ever fancying him. We were/are friends. All of a sudden, I cannot stop thinking about him but I don’t know if I want to be with him. My feelings are confused and mixed up.

But…should I tell him?

In reality, I am too terrified of being rejected by him or our friendship changing. I really have a massive crush on him. I want to think of excuses to see him, but I took my sister and sister-in-law’s advice and I have stopped contacting him for a while. I don’t want to look like an eager beaver of a friend.

This would give any outsider a crooked smile. This is because I was told a while back that he may have liked me like that. That was a long time ago.

Is it worth me opening Pandora’s box based on a burgeoning crush I have on him?

Like a slice of cake, having a crush can be sweet and fun. It’s nourishing and healthy to have fancy someone. It only gets sickly and saccharine when you don’t know what to do.

I better stop eating then.


3 thoughts on “The Subverted Slice of Cake

  1. Where did you find that cake? What kind of cake is that? It sure looks good I am hungry LOL!

    Girl, I think you should write down your feelings on paper and examine “why” you like this guy? Make a list of the “good things” you like about him and make a list about the “bad things” about his personality. If the good list is longer than the bad list then you have a winner!

    I wish I had a crush, I don’t have a crush at the moment.Maybe that’s a good thing I don’t know? All, I am concentrating on is writing and schoool.
    Must be nice to have a crush. I hope it works out for you Aulelia!

  2. I had a crush on a friend, didn’t tell him. I later found out that he had a crush on me too. But by then I was seeing someone, time flew by and he is now in a serious relationship…I missed out.

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