Please critique my new online site: Sincerely need opinions and criticisms

Trying to hit the bulls-eye

I am grateful to have a job.

What may follow in this blog post is no way me being upset about having a job. Even though the pay is a little low, I am still grateful. Life can always be worse.

But I still cannot shake that incandescent glow inside of me that is desperate to do my own entrepreneurial venture. As some of you may know, I created a new website last year. It has gone through lots of changes. It is called vox-popPRcareers and no, I am not using this post to plug it — I just really need your advice on what. It is a niche careers website for people who aspire to work in public relations.

I love media and I think the possibilities of digital media are endless. I am hoping that vox-popPRcareers can play part in that.

But I feel such biting loneliness when I work on it. The solution naturally is to find someone to help me with it, but that is not the issue. I will look for someone eventually but the icy lonely feeling has more to do with besides one close friend, I don’t have anyone else to chat to about my feelings.

I will start to use Charcoal as a platform to talk about this more.

vox-popPRcareers takes up 70% of my time but it as yet brings in no money, but I adore it with a passion. I think it has a future as I believe in the power of content about careers and finding work.

I have lots of ideas for it but as for now, I need to get some 2nd opinions from any Charcoalies willing to give constructive criticism. Here are the questions for the feedback.

1) Do you think it is a good idea?

2) What do you think about finding career content online?

3) I know the look of the website needs to change, but what do you think of the current look?

Every day after work for the past two weeks, I have been coming straight to the computer centre to use the Internet to work on the website. It literally is all I think about all day and night.

One of my friends suggested looking for outside investment — I would like to do this eventually but once I have launched one of my ideas for an external product for the site.

As always, your views are appreciated. And if any of you are trying to do the entrepreneur thing, I’d love to get your perspective.


4 thoughts on “Please critique my new online site: Sincerely need opinions and criticisms

  1. The site seem ok. Full of potential. Just need a bigger banner so when people land on your site they see where they are and not have to look around to see they have reached the right place if you get what I mean.

    keep it up

  2. 1. Yes. If you have a unique selling point and have a market for your service, yes.

    2. I guess the content would speak for itself. The sites I frequent offer specialist content that I can’t get anywhere else (which kind of ties into having a USP). In the case of your website, if you are offering insider information or providing content that targets certain areas of PR that aren’t normally covered, a lot of your readers will visit for that purpose.

    3. I think your website design is fine the only thing I would suggest is making the name stand out more (colour, fon’t size etc.). My eye veers to the coffee/tea on the left and then to the mouse, because they’re more dominant.

    When browsing through your website the following things came to mind:

    Networking events, seminars, courses etc. would be a useful addition.

    Interviews or profiles on PRs who work in various areas (from beauty/fashion to charity/non profit).

    • Safera, thanks very much for flagging up what needs to be improved.

      It always helps to have a fresh eye to look at things.

      Cheers so much!

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