The Charcoal Ink Blogging Tips: 6 Ways on how to start blogging

I am not a blogging queen, but I do love what blogging can do. I would encourage everyone to give it a go, and here are my tips.

1) Look around you: Use your experiences of your daily life to link to the subject matter of your blog.

Example: If you are a foodie and you have been forced to your aunt’s dinner party, write a post about what not to cook at family dinner parties.

2) Read everything: The bloggers I like are the ones who soak up as much as possible. This means try and read papers, magazines that can be unrelated to your niche – then make it about your niche.

Example: Food bloggers could start reading trade magazines such as The Grocer to see which companies are doing well financially. For example, a confectionery loving foodie could write about how the potential hostile bid over Cadbury Chocolates will affect the general price of chocolate.

3) Trend watch: Trends are always interesting to read because they signal the potential emergence of a particular movement.

Example: Blogxilla is a fabulous sign of this. A lot of Xilla’s posts on relationships are based on what he observes happening. People engage in trends because they can relate to them.

4) Create a Comment Cocoon: Some people care about stats more, but I think comments are a stellar sign that a blog is growing. I think commenting means that bloggers should endeavour to reply, but it can be hard, and I’ve been guilty of this plenty of times when I have been tired.

Example: Gossip blogs write time-sensitive content so it will not be easy to comment to each comment-author. However, one of my favourite bloggers, who has since sadly left blogging, Monie always replied to each comment. I loved this about her blog, because you felt like a family of commenters having a massive debate.

5) Be interactive: Use pictures and videos to help your content be more accessible. I prefer pictures over video but I always like text to accompany video in order to avoid alienating audiences that don’t want to load video.

Example: Many gossip sites use video providers liek Vimeo & YouTube to show behind-the-scenes content.

6) Frequency: This is the most important factor of blogging. You need to decide how often you’ll be updating your blog. It depends on what you are trying to achieve. I think if you want to go for world domination in fashion, beauty of celebrity blogging, you absolutely have to update several times a day.

Daily updating applies to business, politics and relationship blogs.

Frequency is personal and I know that when I am in a good place in my life, I blog several times a day or daily. Obviously life can get in the way but I think bloggers starting up should be blogging every day.

What do you all think are the key tips for blogging? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “The Charcoal Ink Blogging Tips: 6 Ways on how to start blogging

  1. some really good tips here. I am going to try read more of what I used to before the internet took over my reading life. It may help bring a new re-vibed content to my blog

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